Welcome to our attempt at running a primarily text base campaign here on Obsidian Portal!

At this time the majority of what you need to know is as follows

  • The Campaign will take place mostly (or completely) within the city of Absalom. Absalom is the largest city on Golarion with a lot of history that I'm not going to attempt to post here. Your characters will more then likely not know the complete history of the city, but there are some things so I strongly suggest you get your hands on the Absalom PDF to help familiar yourself with the city.
  • Characters will be starting at 1st level, 25-Point Buy, all Pathfinder classes are allowed (no 3rd party please, unless discussed with me first). Your first 3 Hit Dice will be maxed out, so no need to roll for hit points at this time.
  • Please leave some of your characters history (Who is their Family, Early Childhood events, esc) and general appearance (how tall are they? Thin or Fat? Blonde hair of Brunette?) within your character sheet, anything you wish to keep private please place within the DM Notes. Try and be creative a little creative.
  • The majority of the campaign (at least at this point) will take place here on the forum. This means the only way you will have to depict your character and actions will be via the written word, so I do ask people to try and have at least a paragraph with each of their posts.
  • Please allow time for everyone to reply while in a group setting so that no one falls behind. (give everyone at least 24 hours after posting before posting again, unless everyone involved has already replied).
  • Dice rolls will mostly be unnecessary unless I request them, and even then they are on the honor system (try and be honest guys).
  • Please no God Modding
  • Once everyone has posted a character I will start a thread in the forums with their characters name in the Title which will be a sort of introduction point for the character. If a thread only has your name in the title you may reply to it as often as you like till I 'move' your character into a new Thread (usually a new scene). I will start a new Thread each time the group splits or comes back together.

Now then, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me! 
Lets have some fun guys!

Absalom; The Cult of Father Skinsaw

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